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Waiter Fly is an app for waiter which remarkably improves the efficiency of the waiters. It’s a waiter POS system which notifies waiter whenever their assistance is needed by the customer. It helps the waiter to take orders through the updated digital menu, manage multiple orders, and cancel orders. Through this restaurant waiter app, waiters can also manage the availability of tables and accommodate maximum number of customers. To faster the order placing speed and avoid mistakes happened due to bad handwriting and misunderstanding among customer, waiter and chef, the best solution is waiter app. It digitize the entire order taking process and very easy to understand. Apart from this, the waiter application is integrated with the customer app, kitchen app as well as front desk so the monetarization of each order can be done from the all three sides. Here are some of the features of the waiter app for restaurant.

  • Helps reduce customer service time
  • Manages orders from multiple dining areas
  • Easily tracks the Available & Occupied tables
  • Customization of Menus
  • Ability to specify special preparation requests to kitchen/bar
  • Integration with kitchen/bar app


If you are still in dilemma that how merging of table will be reflected in the application when there is more number if people in group then here is your answer. Waiters have this feature to merge the tables as and when required. Waiters can merge two tables as well as all tables in the dining area. Apart from merging waiters are also having authority to shift the table without changing customer information from one table to another. Also more tables can be added to the merged table, this gives flexibility to the waiter for merging as well as de merging of table.


Waiters are given authority to cancel order, waiters can cancel the entire order as well as only one item. Also if the number of quantity ordered first also be reduce by waiters, they don’t need to rush to the cashier for each order cancellation. Through restaurant waiter app, they can cancel the order as per customer’s demand. If some orders are cancelled and then customer wants the same item again, it is very easy for waiter to add them through
digital restaurant menu app.


As digital restaurant menu app and customer app are integrated, whatever orders, customer places are reflected in the waiter’s application. So when customer uses that “Request Bell” button, the direct notification comes to the waiter’s application. So that waiters can address those customer as soon as they show the notification in the application.


On weekend it is usual scenario that restaurant is full during pick hours. In such case it is crucial to manage the customers in waiting area. To overcome this situation, digital restaurant menu app has given this feature of creating waiting list which contains the customer name and contact number. So as some table is empty inside dining area, waiter can directly call customer who is sitting in the waiting area and allocate table directly from the waiting list so that waiter does not need to take all the customer detail again to create table for them. Thus it becomes easy to manage restaurant point of sale.


It is sometimes possible that the person sitting at reception counter is busy with the billing or other work, so in such cases customers has to wait long. To overcome this situation and retain more customer Fooditter waiter app has given authority to restaurant waiter to take takeaway orders. Digital restaurant menu app is also integrated within the waiter POS system so that the order placing and order cancellation becomes smooth and less time consuming. Thus ultimate goal of restaurant point of sale gets accomplished with such feature.

Provides choice of payment method to customers

Customer discount

Easy and prompt printing of dining bills

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