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Top 10 South Indian Restaurants in Delhi - Fooditter

Top 10 South Indian Restaurants in Delhi


A south Indian dish includes cuisines from 5 southern states of India: Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Telangana. There is a similarity between the cuisines from each of the state that includes the use of rice, lentils, dried red chilies, coconut and a native fruit like snake gourd. Here we list the top 10 south Indian restaurants of Delhi-NCR where you can enjoy this lip smacking south Indian food.

  • Andhra Bhavan

Andhra bhavan is a type of south Indian canteen where you cannot ignore its delicious south Indian cuisines. Located in the heart of the national capital Andhra bhavan serves some of the best south Indian dishes of which the south Indian thali is their specialty on weekdays and the Hyderabadi biryani which is only served on Sundays will make you feel stuffed heartily. The maximum cost ranges up to Rs 300 only.

  • Saravana Bhavan

Having a tag of one of the oldest south Indian restaurant in Delhi-NCR this place is best for south Indian food lovers. If you are looking for a healthy and tasty breakfast, this place must be on your list. Known for its superfast service it also serves a great south Indian taste because of high quality ingredients used by them. The filter coffee served after the meal here is an icing on the cake. You can enjoy its meal at an average cost of Rs 500 for 2 people

  • The Toddy Shop

This restaurant is located in the Hauz khas village area of Delhi and is a one stop destination for south Indian food lovers of south Delhi. It serves only authentic Kerala cuisines. Famous for its ambience which reminds its customers of old style colonial houses. The food preparation and taste is delectable and fresh and the price is on a premium side. An average for two persons cost Rs 1200.

  • Madhuban

 It’s a place for people to enjoy south Indian sattvic food. It is really different from other south Indian restaurants in Delhi-NCR. They maintain the overall quality and taste of the food instead of being a sattvic restaurant. Having a quick and satisfying service this place will cost an average of Rs 700 for two people.

  • Carnatic café

This limited seating south Indian restaurant of Delhi-NCR offers some mouthwatering South Indian food which can make you go crazy. All dosas are served with 3 types of chutneys with “Malleshwaram” dosa being one of their specialties. A perfect place for satisfying your taste along with being pocket friendly with an average price of Rs 450 for two people

  • Dakshin

A luxury south Indian restaurant inside a five star hotel in Delhi serves some of the impressive cuisines from South India apart from the regular Idli and Dosa. It happens to one of the best place which also serves non-vegetarian south Indian food. This restaurant known for its standard and quality is a bit on the expensive side and costs an average of Rs 3000 for two people

  • Naivedyam

An authentic south Indian restaurant in Hauz Khas area of South Delhi famous for its interiors made of thanjavur murals and bamboo furniture. The service is very polite and you will get a lot of complimentary dishes like rasam, buttermilk and papas before the meal. They accepts pre reservation and price is nominal over here with an average of Rs 400

  • Sagar Ratna

It is one of the biggest chains of south Indian restaurant in Delhi-NCR. Apart from south Indian they also serve North Indian and Chinese cuisines. Famous for its colorful idlis and variety of dosas this place gets packed specially on weekends due to its pocket friendly nature where average for two people go  to Rs 600 only

  • Karnataka food center

This place located at R.K. Puram is a down to earth eatery where you will be surprised to see a long queue outside.  It is famous for its prompt and polite service and dishes are prepared in a Mangalorean style. Average cost for two approximately cost you Rs 300

  • Zambar

This restaurant located in NCR is a fabulous place for its South Indian food. Famous for its infrastructure it is a huge wooden boat shaped with polished wooden seating area. The staff at zambar ensures you a courteous service.  With price being on a higher side the average for two people cost Rs 2500.

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