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Fooditter has come up as a successful restaurant POS system which allows the restaurant staffs and owners to be focused on their customers and it handles all the other functionalities and processes of the business. It offers fully-featured integrated application which manages ordering system, kitchen interface, captain’s application and billing system at the same time. We cater other functionalities also like easy tracking of sales, hassle free processing of payments, analytical reports etc.

One of the most popular forms of meal in Ahmedabad is a classic Gujarati thali which is known for its varieties and unique taste. Dhoklas, theplas and dhebras are also very popular dishes in Ahmedabad. There are many restaurants in Ahmedabad, which serve a wide range of Indian and international cuisines. Most of the food outlets serve only vegetarian food, as a strong tradition of vegetarianism is maintained by the city’s Jain and Hindu communities. Manek Chowk is known for its food stalls in the evening, which sell local street food. It becomes very crowded during night, filled with youngsters enjoying authentic street food.

Fooditter has succeeded to enable the restaurant owners to provide ample amount of food options and to invite vibrant crowd of Ahmedabad effortlessly. Fooditter aids the requirements of the restaurant of today’s era in Ahmedabad by rendering exceptional features like automatic billing, table reservation, order management, sales trend analysis, table management and many more.

Request Bell

It enables customers to immediately call
the waiter for assistance without shouting or waiting.

Quick Search

It facilitates the customers to easily
search the restaurants and its location in no time.

Repeat Last Order

It allows customers to repeat
their previous order.

Track Order

It enables customers to easily view
the status of their order without frequently calling out the waiters.


It notifies the waiters whenever their
assistance is needed by the customers.

Online Payment

It facilitates the customers to pay their
bills online through their own smart phones.

Merge Table

It facilitates waiters or servers to easily
combine multiple tables to serve large parties.

Cancel Order

It allows customers to easily cancel their
placed order through their smart phone.

Waiting List

It facilitates the waiters to manage the
waiting queue smoothly at the time of rush.

Take Away

It allows customers to order food
for takeout effortlessly.


It enables managers to send promotional
offers and discounts directly to their customer’s app.


It facilitates the waiters or staffs to
generate automated bills without any error.

Why successful restaurant choose Fooditter

Digital Restaurant Menu App with complete restaurant ordering system and back office management. And a lot more.

  • Fooditter is the best restaurant billing software which makes the entire business processes of  out restaurant effortless. Through Fooditter, placing orders, generating bills, updating the digital menu and its price has become very easy, enabling us to p

    - Amrita Pure Veg

  • Fooditter has come up as a boon for our restaurant by enabling our staffs to do their work effortlessly. Through Fooditter, we are easily able to handle the queue and manage the tables to allocate maximum number of customers at peak time.

    - The Basil Deck

  • Have been using fooditter from 2 months. Very satisfied with it mainly with customer application, kitchen tracker , front desk. Very secure, robust system with so many detailed features, not available in many well known other pos systems, allowing us to r

    - Green Chilli

  • One of the best restaurant ordering software tried... The price is fair, the service is great and the system is very simple and at the same time gives us all the figures and data we may ever need.

    - Rock & Roll

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