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Fooditter application is an online food ordering system, which is going to woo the customers by providing amazing features like ordering food and paying bills by their own smart phones. Its user-friendly interface and attractive digital menu seamlessly connects food lovers to delicious food serving restaurants and provide them excellent dine-in restaurants. .

  • A Waiter in your customer’s pocket for better service
  • Real-Time Order-delivery visibility
  • A one-stop solution for a better dining experience
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app for restaurant ordering
restaurant waiter app


Fooditter app is bliss for all the waiters as they can address the customer’s requirement in an organized way. Through this online restaurant ordering system, waiters can smoothly take orders and send it directly to kitchen interface which is eventually going to reduce customer service time. They can easily manage table availability, waiting lists, order cancellation, take away orders etc. with minimal verbal communication.

  • Helps reduce customer service time
  • Manages orders from multiple dining areas
  • Easily tracks the Available & Occupied tables
  • Customization of Menus
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Fooditter has this amazing feature of automated kitchen tracker, through which, chef can easily receive the order from online food ordering system. It also facilitates the chefs by giving them an overview of all the orders placed for each item at the same time. This feature helps the chef to plan and prepare the items in optimum quantity, which is eventually simplifying the task of food waste management.

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Front Desk restaurant management software

Front desk – Assessment of All

Fooditter is a centralized Restaurant Point of Sale Software, which enable managers to track all the processes of customer’s order and easily generate bills. Through this online restaurant ordering system, managers can easily monitor staffs, customer relationship, sales and finance of the restaurant. On the whole, front desk can significantly enhance the overall efficiency of managers and staffs.

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(CMS) –Back Office

Back end is a content management system that provides a simplified and dynamic editing environment for the restaurant owners. It allows them to handle all the other features of Fooditter like customer app, waiter fly, kitchen interface and front desk. It is an online food ordering system that generates reports containing crucial information which can be used to decide future strategy, estimate revenue inflow and provide valuable insights into the business. Back end system simplifies the whole process of restaurant ordering management and takes customer satisfaction to higher levels.

back office - restaurant management solutions
  • Fooditter is the best restaurant billing software which makes the entire business processes of  out restaurant effortless. Through Fooditter, placing orders, generating bills, updating the digital menu and its price has become very easy, enabling us to p

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  • Fooditter has come up as a boon for our restaurant by enabling our staffs to do their work effortlessly. Through Fooditter, we are easily able to handle the queue and manage the tables to allocate maximum number of customers at peak time.

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  • Have been using fooditter from 2 months. Very satisfied with it mainly with customer application, kitchen tracker , front desk. Very secure, robust system with so many detailed features, not available in many well known other pos systems, allowing us to r

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  • One of the best restaurant ordering software tried... The price is fair, the service is great and the system is very simple and at the same time gives us all the figures and data we may ever need.

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