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Pune Restaurants are Getting Ready for Christmas 2016 Celebrations - Fooditter

Pune Restaurants are Getting Ready for Christmas 2016 Celebrations


Pune has one of the best food cultures in all over India, with restaurants that serve everything from local food to Chinese and Continental dishes, world cuisine, gourmet dishes as well as confectioneries. Now with the Christmas 2016 and New Year 2017 celebrations on the way, they are getting ready to cater to the needs of patrons with a wide range of food preferences looking to dine out with their friends and families and have a good time. The festive season naturally demands that restaurants get prepared to meet the increased needs for food supply as more people look forward to eat outside during this time of the year. To manage the requirements of the restaurants during this busy time of the year, it is necessary to make effective use of restaurant management software that allows to have effective control over their businesses. Let’s see how restaurants are planning for Christams 2016.


As Christmas 2016 celebrations are on the way, restaurants in Pune are taking special care to get decorated for the event so that customers feel inclined to visit them. These include setting up of Christmas Trees, candles, ribbons, frills and other decorative elements. Many restaurants are also having people dressed as Santa Claus to get people in the festive mood.

Special Menu

They are also creating special menus to lure in more customers who are looking to just have a good time as they enjoy the best food. These include preparing special food items that are otherwise not available during the rest of the year. People now can visit the restaurants and explore these sumptuous food items that include everything from meat preparations to tasty confestioneries. Some of the most well known restaurants offering Christmas special menus include 11 East Street Cafe, High Spirits, Sigree Global Grill, Prego, Cocoparra, Shakahari, TJ’s Brew Works, Sen5es, Frangipaani and Independence Brewing Company.

Christmas Discounts

Christmas celebrations are never really complete without the best discounts that go well with this time of the year. Numerous eateries and restaurants are offering 20% to 40% discounts on particular amount orders. There are also special deals on various preparations, including drinks, beverages and comfectioneries. Complimentary menu items are also offered on certain orders. Such offers can make it easier for people to choose from the best food items when they go to Pune restaurants. Some of the restaurants where special discount packages are being offered this festive season include The Grand Buffet restaurant in Magarpatta, Ebony in Koregaon Road, Flavors in Sanewadi, Charcoal Grill in Hadapsar and Boulevard in Balewadi. Discounted packages like breakfast buffet, lunch buffet, dinner buffet and Sunday Brunch offers will allow customers to have their favorite foods at the best rates.


The Pune restaurants are going to arrange for a lot of music, partying and merriment that are going to keep the customers entertained for long hours. The restaurants and eateries will also have Santa Claus giving away gifts to children and keep them entertained in the process.

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