Whenever any customer places an order through their smart phones or waiter places the order through Tablet menu for restaurants, the order directly goes to the Kitchen interface App. It’s a kitchen display system, through which kitchen chef receives order directly from the customer or the waiters without any middle man. This Restaurant tablet ordering also helps the chefs to keep track of how many people have ordered the same food and can prepare that food accordingly.

Simplify Kitchen Workflow

Get an enhanced KOT for your chefs and bartenders separately. Avoid confusion between the drinks and food orders. The Kitchen application generates a separate KOT for your kitchen chefs and bartenders and delivers it to the same table. The Kitchen interface provides a segregated screen for Pending, in preparation and Ready to be served food and drink items. Each status gets a live update in conjunction with the Waiter’s restaurant tablet ordering system and the customer’s tablet menu for restaurants application. This provides for a hassle free kitchen operations.

Enhanced Food Quality and Guest Service

With customers and captains getting a live status for the food items with the help of the kitchen display system it becomes easier for the restaurant staff to serve their customers better and provide for an improved guest service. It saves an ample amount of time for your restaurant staff which they could utilize to attend more tables. Also, the food quality offered increases to a great extent. Each dish is customized as per the customer’s request which is displayed on the kitchen interface hence allowing the chefs to provide a great taste. By supporting improved request exactness and speedier conveyance of nourishment and refreshments to clients’ tables, a kitchen show framework positively affects client administration.

Seamless Kitchen Communication

The screen segregation of Kitchen Interface into three different status as Pending, In preparation and prepared allows for a seamless communication between chefs, bartenders and other restaurant staff through hence saving a lot of time in the restaurant’s peak hours. Restaurant customers also are in direct contact with the kitchen with the live updates for their order which kitchen staff manage through this interface. Rather than being compelled to sit tight for servers to convey complete request tickets to the kitchen, kitchen staff can counsel the kitchen show framework and start get ready requests quickly. Distinctive request parts can be naturally steered to separate stations (i.e., chilly things to one station and hot things to another), permitting arrangement to happen all the while. A kitchen show framework likewise supports efficiencies by taking out the requirement for kitchen staff to waste time decoding paper tickets, and by cautioning staff if a request is not being set up inside an endorsed time span.

Hassle free order management

Feeling the heat of preparing dish again and again. Utilize the bulk order facility of the kitchen interface and prepare orders of same type from multiple tables at the same time. Also, Separate view of Kitchen and bar orders makes the kitchen management look easy. With such a framework in their innovation tool stash, restaurateurs can be guaranteed that requests are precisely and expediently arranged, and that different things in the same classification (e.g., appetizers, courses, and pastries) are conveyed all the while as opposed to in the piecemeal form that disturbs numerous clients. The higher the bore of administration, the higher the deals and benefits—and the more steadfast clients get to be. Thus restaurant tablet ordering system makes order management very much convenient.

Take Away

Differentiate between the table and takeaway orders easily with Kitchen Interface mentioning the easily notable requirement at the top of the Orders received

Intelligent Reporting

Always keep the restaurant staff informed through the organized reporting provided by the kitchen Interface and speed up the restaurant operations indirectly providing an improved customer service

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