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How to Train a New Waiter and Waitress Effectively - Fooditter

How to Train a New Waiter and Waitress Effectively


Today, Restaurants is a rapidly growing industry. There has been a lot of competition among them. Every restaurant is thriving to give it’s best services to the customers and achieve success in their business. Even the small scale restaurants are improving their services and implementing different business strategies for their growth.

Every restaurant are now transforming their business by implementing various technologies like online ordering system, mobile application, social media, Restaurant POS System etc.. This has led to many changes in their working process and hiring procedures. They are hiring their employees including waiters/waitress who are literate and who can understand the technology. Many fine dine restaurants are conducting special training programs for the waiters/waitress for bringing awareness about recent technologies which are implemented in restaurants, among them. They also train them to be prompt, behaved, aware about every process of the restaurant. Here, are some of the tips to train a new waiter or waitress to improve your customer service.

8 Tips on How to Train a New Waiter/Waitress

Train a New Waiter and Waitress

TIP 1: Orientation 

Waiter/waitress should have proper orientation program. They should be introduced properly to each and every member of the restaurant so that he/she feels comfortable to work and eventually increase their efficiency. They should be made well aware about the rules and regulations of the restaurant and also should be informed about the work environment and how to manage their work accordingly. Many waiters/waitress get frustrated if their job roles are not specified clearly and get muddled during their work, that is why it is very important for the trainer to distinctly define their job role.

TIP 2: Menu Training 

Menu is a very important part of restaurant’s curriculum.Trainers should make sure that the waiter/waitress knows all the items in the menu including their main ingredients, so that if customers ask them about any item, they don’t need to call the manager. Trainers should also inform waiters/waitress about daily specials and weekend specials. Many fine dine restaurants gives waiters/waitress the opportunity to taste all the dishes or item in their menu. This makes the waiters/waitress more confident to explain about the flavors and specialty about the dishes which are served.

TIP 3: Technical Training

We have noticed through recent trends that everything can be done through a little device called smart phones, be it shopping, real state, ticket booking, selling etc.. This is the reason why restaurants are also implementing online ordering system, restaurant waiters app through which customers can book the table,make their orders, call the waiter and pay the bills through their smart phones and waiters can respond accordingly. Since waiters/waitress doesn’t have a technical background, he/she should be trained to understand all these processes like how to forward order to the chef, how to do capacity management i.e how to optimize the capacity so that the maximum number of customers can be accommodated, how to know if the customer need them, through the restaurant waiter application.

Tip 4 : Behavior 

Waiters/waitress should be trained to be presentable. They should be trained with certain soft skills like greeting the customers nicely, asking frequently about their needs, being prompt in their service,make them feel comfortable etc. Sometimes customers could be difficult, they will be rude and unreasonable. In that case, waiters/waitress should be trained keep their calm and behave properly.

Tip 5 : Multitasking 

For the waiter/waitress to be more effective and efficient they should develop the skill of multitasking. They should be trained to attend many tables at one time. There are many small but very important things which are ignored by the waiters/waitress like changing the plates promptly, if someone asks for water after serving him/her check if anyone else need water, taking more than one order at a time etc. These things should be made them noticed by the trainers.

Tip 6: Ethics 

There should be certain code of conduct, ethics followed by every employee in the restaurant. Trainers should train waiter/waitress to avoid certain ethical issues like stealing food, trading information, fooling customers etc.

Tip 7 : Shadowing 

During the training period of waiter/waitress, managers should give them the opportunity to work so that they understand their job more in depth. But the managers should always follow them like a shadow and constantly notice their work so they can precisely critique them and inform them about the areas they need to work on more. This is the very important part of the training process.

Tip 8 : Organizing 

If the restaurant is not organized, the customers will not want to grab a bite there. That is why it is very important for the managers or trainers to train waiter/waitress about organizing things like cleaning the table as soon as the customers left, equally dividing the work among themselves, being updated menu, stock etc., be punctual and prompt.

These are some of the tips which are going to help managers to train their waiters/waitress. Providing proper training to the servers are very important for any restaurants because servers or waiters are the face of restaurants, they play a very important role in generating revenues for the restaurant.

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