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How to Grow Your Restaurant Business with Digital Restaurant Menu - Fooditter

How to Grow Your Restaurant Business with Digital Restaurant Menu


The growth of the business depends on the profits earned by running the business. Nowadays, we find many new restaurants which are available near our surroundings. Magneto IT Solutions have developed an application named as Fooditter which provides end to end ordering solution for any restaurant business. Fooditter supports to grow your restaurant business as well as provides ordering solutions with the digital restaurant menu. Fooditter application is packed with Customer App, Waiter Fly, Kitchen InterfaceFront Desk, Back Office and all the data is managed and saved using cloud hosting.

Every business man before investing in anything thinks the benefits of investment. Why should a restaurant owner implement this application in their business? What benefits will the restaurant owner get? How will the application will help to grow the business? Yes, we understand your curiosity to get the answers to your questions regarding implementation and using Fooditter. So here we have answers to all your questions.

For growing the restaurant business in leaps and bounds, the main goal of any restaurant is to provide utmost satisfaction to their customers in terms of services as well as food. Here, Fooditter’s customer app will help you to give utmost customer satisfaction in terms of services.

How will Fooditter Customer app get utmost customer satisfaction?

With the help of Fooditter application, it becomes easy for any customer to place their order using digital restaurant menu from their mobile phone only. The customer neither have to wait for a waiter to approach their table nor the customers have to wait in long queue as the application comes up with following benefits:-

  • Easy to login in the application using their social media accounts like Facebook or Google Plus
  • Can give order from their mobile phone using digital restaurant menu
  • Easy to repeat the order which the customer has already ordered in the last visit
  • Can keep a track of ordered food
  • Need not have to wait for a waiter to provide bill, can pay the bill directly through mobile phone
  • Can easily manage multiple orders
  • Customization of the order by placing a comment
  • Manage to get separate menu for drink and food

Time is important for everyone so the customer app helps in saving the time of the customer and gives utmost customer satisfaction by speedy services.

How Fooditter helps in growing your restaurant business?

Fooditter application comes up with end to end ordering solution where there is a Waiter Fly application which makes the work of the waiter easy and fast. The waiter fly is having following features which make the task of the waiter easy and rapid:-

  • Managing orders from different dining areas
  • Easy to keep a track of available and occupied tables
  • Can provide special preparation request to kitchen or bar without entering that area
  • Enables in combining orders of different tables and can cater easily to large set of diners
  • Able to manage the waiting list of the customers along with their contact details
  • Able to cancel the order before entering the order in kitchen
  • Makes it easy to parcel the take away orders
  • Can send the notification to the waiters or service staff to assist the customer and full fill the requirement of customer
  • Helps in tracking and providing quick services to customers and save their time.

It becomes a tedious job for a waiter to manage and maintain the orders of multiple tables as well as of multiple customers. So the waiter fly helps in managing and maintain the order and waiter can work speedily without making any mistake in taking multiple orders and serving the orders to that particular customer.

This was all about working of Fooditter application and how it helps the customers to track their orders and waiter to provide speedy services. Now let’s understand how this application helps in growing your business.

  • More customer satisfaction, more changes of the customer to return back to the restaurant for using the services.
  • Improved operational efficiency by placing as well as delivering accurate orders to the customer
  • Data stored on Fooditter as safe and secured
  • By providing various discount offers and deals attracts the customer to visit the restaurant
  • Easy to track multiple orders of the customers and providing accurate bill to them
  • Manage multiple tables as well as large set of diners available in restaurant
  • Easy to keep a track of waiting list customers and serve them rapidly

Fooditter is the application which provides end to end service and ordering solutions. The application reduces the work of the waiter and provides accuracy in taking as well as delivering the order to the customer with easy payment methods. Customers can track right from ordering the food till payment of the bill. Do use the Fooditter application and provide hassle free services to your customers as well as manage the orders as well as payment for your business.

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    This is something new I find in the restaurant industry, digital restaurant menu for customer, waiter and kitchen also, that’s really good.

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