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Front Desk App is a part of integrated best restaurant POS software which tracks each and every customer’s order, right from placing an order to preparation of food to delivery of food. It not just monitors the customer but also observes and manages the staffs of the restaurant. Through this restaurant point of sale software, managers can easily generate the bill and effortlessly analyze the sales and finance of the restaurant through the reports generated by it.


Most of the home delivery and take away orders are taken by the person who is sitting at the front desk. To increase the speed while taking order most of the restaurant POS software provides its operation through keyboard. As the person sitting at front desk is busy with billing also, order placing procedure has made very easy. Food and drink menu is given separate, quick search option as well as order cancellation all the features are given. If any customer visiting twice the restaurant at that time by entering only contact number remaining details comes automatically so it reduces time.


The most crucial part for both the customers as well as restaurants. Any error in making bills leads to customer dissatisfaction. All new POS systems gives you the bill ready. You don’t need to enter ordered items manually. As all the applications like customer, waiter and kitchen are integrated with front desk POS software bills gets ready with each order placing without any manual entry. Also you can apply discount on the entire amount or item wise discount, complementary item as and also all the payment options are integrated in the billing module. Bill on hold, received bills, ongoing orders, credit payment all these features are there in POS system.


Everything requires marketing. To attract more customer as well as retain your existing customer you need to avail your customers with the offers and coupon code. Through Restaurant Point of Sale software it is only two step procedure. Make different offers enter them into POS software and send it across all the customers through E-Mails, messages. All the promotional activities through POS system are free of cost. As a restaurant you don’t need to further invest in marketing of your restaurant.


The most crucial part. Customers tab allows you to store each customer details like name, contact number and address. Also it shows the entire history of each customer that how many times they have visited the place and what all items they had ordered in each order. Through Best Restaurant POS Softwares you can print the bill anytime whenever required. It is many time happens that some customer changes their mobile number and to be updated with your restaurant’s promotional activities they might request you to update their details. So the Restaurant Point of Sale Softwares like Fooditter gives you all the flexibility that you never expected from any Restaurant Point of Sale system


To back up every decision of manager Restaurant Point of Sale Software provides huge variety of reports. Before taking any decision you must have enough statistics and charts so that your each and every forecast you make is secure. Reports like item wise sales summary, daily sales, most salable item, discounts given, dining wise sales all these are basic reports. Also, all these reports are available in pdf, doc format and also easy to share if a restaurant is run by two or more partners.


Settings for the POS system itself is a new software. To establish a POS system for any particular restaurant all the necessary settings like number of dining areas, number of tables, staff credentials, location as well as photos are done through settings tab. As each restaurant have different menu and also price of dishes varies from restaurant to restaurant so to add items in menu category wise is a very crucial task. Also to add new promotional offer and send them through mass messaging in free is the added advantage of such softwares. So Best Restaurant POS Software like Fooditter provides all these feature under one umbrella.

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  • Fooditter has come up as a boon for our restaurant by enabling our staffs to do their work effortlessly. Through Fooditter, we are easily able to handle the queue and manage the tables to allocate maximum number of customers at peak time.

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