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Checklist For Opening A New Restaurant - Fooditter

Checklist For Opening A New Restaurant


Opening a successful restaurant is not a cake walk, it seems easy, but a person has to put lot of efforts, thoughts and make lots of crucial decisions. People usually assume that for starting a new restaurant they just need a nice place, and some staffs to cater. Well that’s OK, if you want to open a small shop of eatery. But, for opening a fine-dine restaurant, one has to strategist about many factors before entering into the market. Some of these factors are venture capital, investor, marketing, branding, working capital, resources etc. Here are some of the checklist which must be checked for starting a new restaurant.

restaurant marketing plan

Choosing a Bang on Restaurant Concept

Restaurant concept is basically the overall look and feel of the restaurant. While making the restaurant concept you should first decide what kind of cuisine you want to serve and accordingly decide theme, decor and ambiance of the restaurant. Then you need to select the category of your restaurant. Restaurants are basically divided into 3 categories:

  • Quick Service Restaurant: These type of restaurants have limited menu item and minimal table service. They are also called fast food joint, where customers usually orders for take away. In this     concept you usually have fast casual restaurants or catering trucks as options. Investment in these sort of restaurants is pretty less and your food is delicious and service is quick, then the return on investment is very high.
  • Casual Dining: Its a sort of restaurants where menu is mid-priced and have a wide range of variety.    They also have a better ambiance also provide table service.
  • Fine Dining: These type of restaurants provide full service to the customer starting right from the   valet parking to taking feedback at the end.

Restaurant concept will also be affected by the outside competition. Hence doing a competitive analysis while deciding your restaurant concept is very important. Competitive analysis will give you a fair idea about the restaurants around you. You should compare your menu price with your potential competitors, so that you can be updated about your surroundings and accordingly make changes in the restaurant concept.

Choose Right Location 

Choosing a right location is very important, as your crowd and income from them depends completely on your location. Poor location can led to huge loss. That is why, there are certain factors which should be considered while selecting a location and those factors are:

  • There should be a parking area near your restaurant.
  • Situate your restaurant in a popular locality or near some famous place.
  • Think twice before taking the risk placing your restaurant in the outskirts.
  • Don’t buy the place where the previous restaurant was not reputed because first impression is the last impression.
  • Don’t be impulsive, do some research and explore more options
  • Choose a layout which is having enough room for equipment in the kitchen and maximized dining space

Build a Business Plan 

Making a focused and realistic business plan is one of the most important step which should be done for opening a new restaurant. Business plan basically includes the concept of your restaurant, a road map of how you will proceed, the amount you need for investment, the amount of money you expect to make each year and so on.

Find a suitable Investor 

After making a business plan, you need to search for investors who can finance your restaurant. With your business plan, you need to inform the investors about how your business model will generate money and make enough profit. You can meet with a bank, small business bureau, or private investors as an investors. You will have to convince them that you have the equipment, knowledge, talent and team to make your business model work.

Recruit Proficient Personnel 

To make your restaurant successful, you need to have very efficient and hardworking team of staffs. As I have stated earlier also that staffs and waiters are the face of restaurant, so hiring right set of waiters/waitress, managers, and other staffs is very important. All the staffs should have good personality and some experience. As you will be new in the industry, you can learn lot of things from the staffs who are experienced.

Design Your Menu 

In selecting the staffs, location and investor, you should not forget about the most important asset of any restaurant “food”. You should first decide the menu which you are going to serve according to your theme and hire a chef accordingly. Then make recipes some special items which can be your specials and can give you an edge above other restaurants. You can also design an attractive digital menu for restaurant, so that your customer can view the menu and order food from their smart phones only.


 Before opening a restaurant, it is very important to get everything licensed. If you plan on selling Alcohol, make sure that you completely understand, and are prepared (Financially & Personally) to meet State, County, and City Regulations. You also need to acquire several permits and insurance. Aside from obtaining workers’ compensation insurance, you need a business license as well as health permits, food handler’s permits and sign permits, which lets you advertise your business. Each state’s laws vary, so the license and permits will also change accordingly.

Acquiring of Equipment

For a restaurant, you need various types of equipment like kitchen equipment, table equipment, utensils, furniture. Often times you can find good quality used equipment at auctions or restaurant supply stores. Sometimes the equipment come from outside the city or country, so for acquiring them you need to send orders way before the restaurant opening!

Restaurant Point Of Sale System

Once you will start your restaurant, you will have to track the money which is going to be brought in. It will also help you to track your orders as it allows waiters to enter orders, which will be automatically printed through the printer in the kitchen where cooks can view and work on the order. Through this POS system credit and debit card payments can also be made easily. All these functionalities and many more will help you to run your business processes easily and smoothly that is why its very important that you install a restaurant POS system.


After all the requirements are fulfilled, and before opening the restaurant, conduct a mock-drill to check everything is working according to the plan or not, so that when actually customers starts coming, you don’t mess up everything.


A successful marketing should be done prior to opening of the restaurant. You can post ads in newspaper, on television, on social media, in theaters etc. You can distribute fliers in nearby localities. You can organize a grand opening, and invite any VIP person of the city to inaugurate the ceremony and your restaurant, so that it attracts the attention of people in the city.

These are some of the small but very important things which should be followed by every owner of the start up restaurant, to make a triumphant entry in the market.

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