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Back office - Fooditter

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Back Office The Heart of The Application.

Back office plays vital role for over all administration and management of restaurant point of sale. It is integrated with customer app, waiter fly, kitchen interface and front desk. Through back office various core activities like venue management, user management,report management and promo management can be managed conveniently. Apart from that there are other beneficial features as described below.


Get an overall summary of your restaurant sales from a single screen along with the graphical representation through this back office restaurant software. Note down the trends through the graphs and charts, plan your restaurant management and increase sales. Track the weak areas where restaurant needs to perform better through some intelligent reporting

Venue Profile Management

This restaurant management software manages your restaurant details to be displayed on other Fooditter integrated application using the latest images, updated menu, pricing for your restaurant. Also, display the location of your restaurant using the newly integrated Google Maps feature

Multiple Kitchen and Bar

Organize your multiple kitchens and Bar area with a single click. Add or delete kitchens and bar area with a complete description using the venue management feature. Deactivate your kitchen or bar area in case of unavailability


Single handedly control your restaurant by limiting the user access to yourself. Working in partnership? Create multiple users for the system by providing the multiple acess only to the key stakeholders of your restaurant. Add or delete the controls to your captains using the “User management” feature. Manage your home delivery service staff on a separate page and edit them accordingly with the help of this complete restaurant management software.

Area and Table Management

Customize your restaurant area as per your wish. Add or delete or merge the tables or delete a particular section of your restaurant in case of non operation. Moreover, assign each captain with a unique table number to easily identify the responsible person in case of an order error. That’s how restaurant management system makes task more simpler.

QR Code Generation

Help your customers allocate tables to themselves by generating a separate QR code from the back office application which will be then scanned by the customers to allocate table and place orders against that table

Menu Card Management

Want to change the dish price? Or raw material for a dish is not available? Arrange your menu card at an instant using the menu card management feature and add or delete or change price for the dish at any point of time from a place of your choice. Thus restaurant software makes process easy and fast.

Order Management

View the minutest detail of individual table using the order management feature of restaurant management software. What is the order placed at the table? Whether the dish is served or still in pending status? Whether the bill is paid? Paid through cash or card? Get an in depth detail and analyze your revenue using this feature

Promo Management

This back office feature of restaurant software comes handy when you are planning to open a new restaurant. Increase your customer base using the promo management. Generate the discount coupons using this feature and send a push notification to your customers in the database to make them aware of the latest discounts being offered by your restaurant

Customer Management

Maintain a complete database of the customers who visited or ordered from your restaurant. View the personal details of the customer including the order he placed when he last visited or ordered from your restaurant. Was there any discount offered? Is he a loyal customer? Analyze your loyal customers and maintain a healthy customer relationship. Thus restaurant management solution is made for better productivity.

User Management

Manage your admin access, captain’s access, your staff details and table management through the user management feature. Thus restaurant management solution makes all complex administration task much easier.


View, manage and analyze your reports by a start and end date. Analyze the trends in your daily, monthly, weekly or yearly sales. Filter your reports by serving area or type of dishes or waiter order etc and organize your restaurant sales in an efficient manner through efficient restaurant software.

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